Business Start Up and Consulting Help

Business Start Up Consulting Help

Click on this link:  for 10 tips on how to save time and money starting a new business.  We offer Business Consulting so you can contact us using the info on this link off our home page:


Help For Bizness Inc.’s Products

Help Through DVD step by step instructions, Html Documentation and Online Help

Bizness Inc. has recorded live screen shots of over 50 steps (for each of its major systems) broken down into short training videos to get clients up to speed quickly on a system.  Html Documentation as well as customizable screen documentation was added for all systems to clients can get help quickly on a particular screen. Topic help index screen was added to all system so clients can look up a topic an get help on the logic of the system.


SEO and Web Advertising Help Through Blog Sites

Bizness Inc. has set up and written all the blog posts for this blog site:  Please review it for more education on specific technologies.

Bizness Inc. has many blog posts on this site:  Please review it as there is tons to learn on this site especially for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We do these blog posts free of charge trusting you will come to us in the future to do business with Bizness Inc.   Thank you.